Cal 2-27 Sailboat for Sale

My 27 foot sailboat Miss Adventure is now for sale. She served my family well for 18 years. She is a 1976 model Cal 2-27. I bought her in 1994 when my wife, my two boys, and I were still a young family. When I bought her, the broker told me "Always remember, every time you take her out it is an adventure. With that spirit, you'll have lots of fun." How true it was. We had plenty of "adventures" on her on Muskegon Lake, most of which resulted from mistakes I made from my inexperience. I quickly learned the truth in the adage: "Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement." I made plenty of mistakes with her, like running aground in White Lake at night during a lightning storm. As we listened to the thunder and watched the lightning, my son Tim said, "Well, at least were not the tallest thing around." He changed his mind when he looked up at the mast. We weathered that anxious night just fine, and were closer as a family.  By the end of our first year, we wryly decided to name our boat "Miss Adventure." We went on to have plenty of fun and plenty of "adventures" with her, traveling as far north as Manistee, and as far south as South Haven, and crossing Lake Michigan to Port Washington, WI  twice. She was a solidly built boat and never came close to a capsize. We always felt secure on her. Five years ago, my wife of 36 years got a cancer, and the boat sat unused for a few years. Sadly, she passed on 3 years ago. Last year, hoping to recapture the fun I had with Miss Adventure, I went about trying to fix her up, putting on new boat cushions and a new mainsail. I sailed her on Lake Macatawa in Holland in the 2011 season. By the end of the season, I came to realize that at 61 years of age, with no family to crew with me or to share more adventures, it was time to give her up.

Click on the link below to see pictures I took of the boat in September in September 2011, before she was hauled out. She now sits on the ground at Yacht Basin Marina on Lake Macatawa in Holland, MI. You can walk around her there. If you are interested in her, please contact my boat broker, Jon Dykstra, of Anchorage Yacht Sales, at 616-399-6304 or email Jon at

Photo of Miss Adventure

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