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Michael Galvin is an amateur boatbuilder and Phil Bolger enthusiast, living in Muskegon, Michigan. In his spare time he is a pediatrician. He has built Bolger's Pointy Skiff, Nymph, and June Bug. From here you may view pages on 6 topics:

  1. Building a Bolger Nymph dinghy
  2. A Visit with Dynamite Payson at his shop in S. Thomaston, Maine.
  3. Phil Bolger's Resolution, Phil Bolger's live-aboard home and workshop.
  4. Building a Bolger June Bug.
  5. June Bug in action, rowing and sailing
  6. Making oars according to the plans of Jim Michalak.

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   Building a Bolger Nymph

Building a Bolger Nymph


A Visit with Dynamite Payson

A Visit with Dynamite Payson



Phil  Bolger’s Resolution, of Gloucester

Building Bolger's June Bug

Building Bolger’s June Bug


June Bug Action Photos

June Bug action photos, rowing and sailing

Making Oars

Making Oars to plans of Jim Michalak


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