A Visit with Harold "Dynamite" Payson

In September 1999, while on vacation, my wife Anne and I paid a visit to Harold "Dynamite" Payson at his shop in South Thomaston, Maine. I had long been a fan of Dynamite, having read all his books and having built two of the boats for which he offers plans, Phil Bolger's Pointy Skiff and Nymph. This trip was my chance to finally meet him. Fearing I might be intruding upon his privacy, I summoned all the hutzpah availabe to me, an Irish Catholic from the Mid West, and brazenly knocked upon the door to his shop. I need not have been so timid. Dynamite himself answered my knock and cordially inivited me in. Outside was a cold, wet, rainy day. Inside his cozy shop was warmed by an old wood stove and the company of his wife, Amy, their friend, Bob, and their tail-wagging dog. Strewn about his work table were many boat models in progress. Dynamite made time to talk to me between phone calls from customers. His cheerful, petite wife, Amy was an absolute stitch, quite a wit. This was a visit I will cherish. Click on any picture for a closer look.

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