Phil Bolger's Resolution

In September 1999 while on vacation with my wife, Anne, I visited Gloucester, Massachusetts, home port of marine architect, Phil Bolger. I knew Mr. Bolger treasures his privacy, and in no way did I want to barge in on him, but I hoped to catch a glimpse of his live-aboard yacht, the Resolution. I had read all of Mr. Bolger's books. The Folding Schooner and Other Adventures in Boat Design describes how he designed Resolution to live and work aboard. I had seen the boat's interior in his videotape "Life with Lily," and in photos in a Wooden Boat magazine article done on him a few years back. I was intrigued by its standing lug rig, which he praised in his book 100 Small Boat Rigs. I knew he had for several years lived aboard the Resolution, anchored somewhere in the vicinity of Gloucester. By asking around the waterfront, I learned that he no longer lives aboard, but I was able to find the boat and get up close enough to take some pictures. I suspect other Bolger addicts will enjoy seeing these. Click on any picture to get a closer look.

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