Michael Galvin's Amateur Astronomy Pages

Michael Galvin  is a pediatrician and amateur astronomer living in Muskegon, Michigan.  He has been a member of the Muskegon Astronomical Society since 1986 and was president of the Society from 2003-2007.  He gets teased mercilessly by club members for having the smallest scope in the club (a Meade ETX 90). The Muskegon Astronomical Society has an award-winning website maintained by amateur astronomer and professional programmer, Dennis Allen. Check it out here.  Mike has dabbled in telescope building, astrophotography, celestial  navigation, and satellite observing.  He loves to talk and to share his enthusiasm about astronomy with others.  He has given several talks on astronomy to local groups in Western Michigan.  You will find some of his Power Point presentations uploaded here as Adobe pdf files.  Some include photos and diagrams from copyrighted books and magazines.  (He believes his use of these materials for free, educational programs does not violate the spirit of copyright laws, but  he is doctor, not a lawyer.) Mike is willing to present programs to interested groups in Western Michigan.  He hopes the following items  will be of interest to other amateur astronomers:

1.  Building a Barn Door Star Tracker
2.  Building a 6 inch Newtonian reflector on Dobsonian Mount, from Richard Berry's book Build Your Own Telescope
3.  Building the Denver Observers Chair, an adjustable chair for use at the telescope
4.  Astronomy 101: Enjoy the Night Sky with Little or No Equipment
5.  Spectroscopy: What It's All About and Why You Should Care
6.  Celestial Navigation for Poets: How Sailors Navigate with the Stars, No Math Included
7.  Introduction to Satellite Observing (Iridium Flares and more)
8.  Astrophotography on the Cheap

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